Barry Trentham

Adjunct Professor

Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Barry Trentham PhD, M.E.S., BSc(OT)


Dr. Barry Trentham retired from the University of Toronto July 1, 2021, but remains engaged with the Department as an Adjunct Professor. He began his occupational therapy career over 35 years ago following graduation from the University of Alberta (BScOT) and has practiced in a variety of clinical settings including seniors’ rehabilitation, complex continuing and long-term care, as well as mental health and community health promotion venues. His teaching and research interests have focused on the intersections that link the social determinants of healthy aging, social inequities and occupational participation. His questions are framed within an understanding of occupational transitions across the life course and examined primarily through critical qualitative methodologies including narrative, arts-informed life histories, and participatory methods. His research aims to better understand the processes that shape participation in home and community life. Most recently, he has been engaged in efforts to develop more inclusive and anti-oppressive teaching and learning practices within occupational therapy education.  Examples of his scholarly work include questions around senior citizenship and ageism, student engagement in peer intersectional dialogue and profiling occupational therapy contributions to supporting later life course occupational transitions.