Occupational Therapists for Equity Advancement (OTEA)

OTEA is an independent network of Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ occupational therapists in Canada that aims to promote greater participation of historically marginalized groups within the occupational therapy profession. Currently, OTEA membership collectively supports the increase of equity within occupational therapy in the Greater Toronto Area by:

  • Providing mentorship for current and prospective occupational therapy students, as well as occupational therapists in the workforce from historically marginalized groups
  • Creating space to share information, dialogue, and network among occupational therapy students and practitioners from historically marginalized groups
  • Advocating for occupational therapy curricula and professional associations to better address issues of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access

For more information, please visit the OTEA website or email OTEA at otea.network@gmail.com


Recent Activities

  • Mentored at the Faculty of Medicine’s 2019 Summer Mentorship Program
  • CAOT 2019 Paper Presentation: Occupational Therapists for Equity Advancement: Developing an equity seeking group

OTEA Members

OTEA Members, 2018
Joy-Ann Perry, Holly Smith, Ilan Mester, Barry Trentham, Stacey Williams, Raquel Williams, Amie Tsang