About the PIRL Project

What are the PIRL Network and the PIRL Project? 

The PIRL Network is a community of practice (CoP) focused on Disability Inclusive Development research, including researchers and others from around the world in a range of places in the Global North and the Global South. The PIRL Network is one part of the 3 year, SSHRC-funded PIRL Project. The PIRL Institutes, resources, and other activites are also part of the PIRL Project. You can read more about the PIRL Project in other parts of this website.

A CoP is a group of people who have common interests, are actively engaged in shared learning activities, and develop knowledge, skills, and practices by learning together. In international development activities and work, researchers see great potential for CoPs, arguing that they allow for meaningful participation across disparate groups, and are creative and flexible enough for multiple ways of knowing.

How do I become a member of the PIRL Network?

There is no cost for PIRL Network Membership. Membership for the PIRL network comes as a result of one of the following.

Expression of interest: People can learn about the Network from their friends, through the website, and from our publications. If you want to join, you can write to the PIRL Project Coordinators (pirl@utoronto.ca) and express your willingness to join. Please tell us why you want to join and the contributions you intend to bring to the Network.

Identification by a PIRL Member: A member of the PIRL Network can identify someone they think should be part of the network, and nominate them to the Coordinators. In this case, the new member should be presented to the coordinators with the member’s credentials for appreciation. The PIRL Partnership Project can be in the process of working on a project and need another partner or expertise, and will identify people for particular assignments.

Is there a registration process?

Yes, all members of the PIRL Network are asked to complete a Registration process. You can do this by emailing this information to us at pirl@utoronto.ca.



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Contact us

Email: pirl@utoronto.ca

Youtube: PIRL Project

Funders and donors

We are grateful for funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for this project.

The PIRL Partner organizations are also providing financial and in-kind support for the project. Many thanks to all!

We are always interested in other opportunities and collaborations.

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