Disability Language: How to talk about Disability and the implications of Language


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Welcome to the third episode of the Inclusive Research with PIRL podcast where we talk about language and its implications in the context of disability. How do we talk about disability and to people living with disabilities? How does our understanding of disability affect the ways we view and interact with people with disabilities? How can teams made up of people with and without disabilities work better? Joining us to explore these questions are Ms. Veronica Ngum Ndi the Chief Executive Officer for the Community Association for Vulnerable Persons-CAVP and President of NorthWest Association of Women with Disability-NWAWWD and Mr. Jeffrey Andrion, a physiotherapist by profession with over 20+ years of direct patient care experience. For the full transcript, Biographies and other resources, please checkout the podcast website: https://inclusiveresearchwithpirl.buzzsprout.com/

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Email: PIRL@utoronto.ca


Speakers’ Bios:
Ms. Veronica Ngum Ndi:
Ms. Veronica is Chief Executive Officer for the Community Association for Vulnerable Persons-CAVP and President of North West Association of Women with Disability-NWAWWD. She has a long history of being active in local, national, and international humanitarian and community work. In her work, she focuses on the rights of women and girls with disabilities, women and girls with HIV AIDS including teen and single mothers. She is passionate about promoting sexual and reproductive health rights, education and empowerment providing information and communication technology and positive use of the internet to avoid online and social media violence towards women/girls. Recently, Veronica was recognized with the “21 Women Leaders to Watch in 2021” by World Pulse where she brought the spotlight to the technology needs of women with disabilities. https://medium.com/world-pulse/her-story-makes-history-21-women-leaders-to-watch-in-2021-8525b7bef55c. She was also recognized as the best disability advocate for women in the National Media Award for Excellence by World Echo Media Group and Kiki News and Disability Forum.
Mr. Jeffrey Andrion:
Mr. Jeffrey is a physiotherapist by profession and has over 20+ years of direct patient care experience. He is currently the Director of International Programs of Hope and Healing International, a children’s disability organization based in Ontario, Canada. He is also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Aside from his undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy, he also has a Master’s Degree in Critical Disability Studies and in a few weeks, will be defending his dissertation leading to a PhD in Health, specializing in health equity and policy studies.