Our Experience: Disability Inclusive Development Research (PART 1)


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Episode Description

Join us for this two-part episode with Dr. Julius Nganji, Dr. Lynn Cockburn and Lesley Sikapa to talk about the work done in the PIRL project. In Part One, we talk about how the PIRL project started, who are are and share a bit about our inclusive research studies, the methods used and our findings. In Part Two, we share some of our learnings about conducting disability inclusive development research and working in international teams and some of the strategies we’ve used to facilitate our work over the past three years. Be sure to listen to Parts 1 and 2 and share some of your reflections with us about being part of the PIRL team and/or doing disability inclusive research.

For the full transcript, and other resources, please checkout the podcast website:https://inclusiveresearchwithpirl.buzzsprout.com/

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Email: PIRL@utoronto.ca