PIRL: Partnerships for Inclusive Research and Learning

Welcome! We are happy you have found your way to this site that focuses on inclusive research, especially in disability inclusive development around the world. PIRL is short for Partnerships for Inclusive Research and Learning, and is a 3 year, SSHRC funded project. We look forward to hearing from you! 

The PIRL Network is a community of practice (CoP) focused on Disability Inclusive Development research.

PIRL members and partners are located in various countries across the world. Find out who they are.

Read more about PIRL Research

PIRL produces resources that help people learn about inclusive research.

Annual one-week PIRL Institutes bring members together to learn about inclusive research, and further develop our partnership model.

Blogs on various topics by members and events organized by PIRL.

PIRL publications that have been published and also presentations that have been used.

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